Tech5 Android FaceSDK Documentation

  1. Please download the Face SDK for Android using the FTP credentials provided in email.

  2. You will have a file share_limited.zip file downloaded on to your computer.


  1. Use the option “Extract Here” and extract the archive data.

  2. It should extract two folders to the current directory as shown:

  3. We should copy these two folders on to the mobile internal storage or SD card.

  4. Connect the mobile device to your Desktop/Laptop and then make sure File Transfer through USB is enabled in settings.

  5. Then you will be able to copy the folders share, license_generator on to the mobile SD card.


  1. After this, please make sure you have the Developer mode enabled on the mobile device and also USB debugging is enabled. These settings differs on every mobile vendor, so please check for the options on how to enable Developer mode & USB debugging and turn them ON.

  2. We have copied two folders on to the mobile device storage, now open command prompt and access adb shell, so to do that connect mobile device to desktop/laptop & then run adb devices command:


  1. Now we can access adb shell


  1. Run below commands in the adb shell to copy & generate license request file:

C:\Users\Shivaram>adb shell

Now change the directory to tmp where we can run the utils to generate request file.

$ cd /data/local/tmp/


  1. Then we should copy the license generator utility into the tmp folder and change directory:

$ cp -R /storage/emulated/0/license_generator .

$ cd license_generator


  1. We should change the permissions of the utilities by giving them execute permission:

$ chmod +x *


  1. We should export LD_LIBRARY_PATH as shown:

$ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/data/local/tmp/license_generator

  1. Now we can run the utility to generate the license request file by specifying the company name:

$ ./face_sdk_utils --request --out CompanyName-face_sdk.req


  1. Now we have the license request file CompanyName-face_sdk.req that has to be sent to Tech5 to get the license(face_sdk.lice) which can be then placed in share folder like this:


  1. Then you should be able to download the Android sample APK file tech5Face_v3.0.apk file and install it on your mobile phone.

  2. Once installation of apk is complete open the app, wait for few seconds to make sure SDK initialize has happened and it pops up a message about SDK initialization.

  3. From there we should be able to choose one image from Gallery & another image from camera selfi. Then click on Match and it will process and show you the result.

  4. Also you can find the source code of the sample app in the same FTP folder, you can download and review it to understand how share folder & its components can be used to build Face Recognition application using T5-Face SDK.