T5 Face Recognition SDK Modules & Versions

Version 1.0
This document is intended for technical developer who will integrate T5- Face SDK in any biometric application. It describes SDK Modules and the versions of those modules.


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1. SDK & Modules

T5-Face recognition SDK contains several versions of different modules, i.e. in the SDK you can find different versions of face detector, template extractor, etc. Versions differ from each other: for example, some versions are for server applications (the module is design to work with huge DB of millions), some are for mobile (the module is designed for 1:1 use cases or small databases of hundreds or thousands, but it’s much faster and lighter than server version), some are customized for a specific nation. Please see the versions description and consult out tech support for further details.

Note: Make sure that you are using compatible versions.

See compatibility here - http://doc.tech5.tech/versions.html

SDK 1.7 modules:


200 – default server version
201 – more accurate, but slower version, which works better on identikits and painted images. Use for forensics and similar use cases, where painted faces must be detected.
210 – mobile version to use by default
211 – more accurate, but slower mobile version


103 – default version
99 – a special version of alignment, which is used for Smart Compression algorithm and Passportizer method in JNI. Don’t use in bundle with any Builder.

Builders for Server applications:

103 – biased algorithm for Indonesians only
104 – best algorithm in 2019 (XuXu)
105 – the best current algorithm (Mozart)
106 – biased algorithm for Indians only

Builders for Mobile applications:

200 – super light algorithm
210 – default algorithm
211 – biased algorithm for Indians only

Weight of biometric template of different Builder’s versions (in memory and serialized)

Builder Size Size (when Serialized)
211 256 Bytes 285 Bytes
210 256 Bytes 285 Bytes
200 512 Bytes 541 Bytes
106 256 Bytes 285 Bytes
105 384 Bytes 413 Bytes
104 320 Bytes 349 Bytes
103 256 Bytes 285 Bytes

These are modules and versions of our FaceSDK, if you have further questions please do not hesitate to ask us at